At the end of the day what really matters is RESULTS.  

If you are thinking about joining my programs, watch these inspiring client interviews.  I will let this information speak for itself.  And yes, results will vary depending on the client’s commitment and dedication to improve.  Be sure to check out my Google Reviews too!

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Ajani Malik

Fitness Expert & Health Coach

VIP Body Transformation specializes in high-level coaching for men (30+) who are seeking a reduction in belly fat, decrease in weight, and making healthy-habits into a lifestyle.

VIP Body Transformation provides a hands-on approach for maximum results. We combine nutritional coaching with a effective exercise program, with motivation and accountability; while successfully transforming the lives of hundreds of clients.

Ajani Malik, Fitness Expert & Health-Coach, is a Master trainer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, ranging from sports conditioning to strength training.

As a business owner, I have a vested interest in helping my clients transform their bodies and lives.

When my clients succeed, I succeed.

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I've helped hundreds of clients to decrease their belly fat, lose weight, and become stronger with my nutrition and exercise programs. Are you next?

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